Vinyl: Vehicle Wraps


1. Remove Grease, Road Grime, and Insects.

Using a degreasing agent such as Citrus Cleaner, remove any and all road grease, grime, tar, and insects from the vehicle. This will ensure a smooth surface for application.

2. Remove Debris in All Seams.

With a soft bristled brush and terry cloth, remove all debris such as pine needles, twigs, and contaminants that have accumulated in the door and hood seams. This will ensure that vinyl wrapped around doors and hoods adhere to a clean surface.

3. Remove Adhesive from Previous Vinyl Applications.

If your vehicle previously had vinyl graphics applied to it, there may be residual adhesive on the vehicle even after the vinyl graphics were removed. Using a degreasing agent, remove any old adhesive. Complete removal may take several degreasing and wiping applications to attack stubborn, dried adhesive.

4. Refrain from Waxing Vehicle.

Do not apply wax to your vehicle’s exterior surfaces for several weeks prior to your vehicle wrap installation. The wax residue can interfere with the adhesive bond be tween the vinyl film and vehicle surface, leaving the wrap vulnerable to lifting and bubbles.

5. Run Vehicle Through a Carwash.

Finally, just prior to having your wrap installed, run the vehicle through a car wash to ensure all surfaces are free of dirt and grime. Make sure the cleaning cycle is just using soap and water, no wax.

We are happy to assist with any of the above but that will incur an additional hourly charge above and beyond the price of the application.

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Vehicle Lettering (die-cut vinly on windows or painted surfaces)

  • 12-month warranty: covers peeling, excessive fading and cracking.
  • No warranty on chrome, diamond plate or other metalized film.
  • Typical life expectancy of vehicle lettering: 3-5 years depending on care and material type (metallic, chrome and metalized film have a shorter life: 1-3 years).


Vehicle Wraps

  • 12-month warranty on installation and workmanship (peeling, cracking or lifting). Damaged areas will be trimmed back, patched in, or replaced if needed.
  • Typical life expectancy of a vehicle wrap: 3-5 years for vertical exposure, 1-3 years for non-vertical exposure.
Note: Remove graphic immediately if you notice a rapid color change, darkening, or hairline cracking.



  • Damage caused from vandalism, wind, rain, hail, sleet or any act of God is not covered.
  • Graphics that are “RTA” or “Ready to Apply” and are installed by the client are not covered against lifting or peelings.
  • Warranty repairs will be done at Xpress or clients original install site only.
  • Any altering or tampering with the graphics installed by Xpress will result in the warranty being null and void.
  • No warranty is provided if the graphic was aggressively washed or not washed properly (pressure washing.
  • No warranty is provided from “wear and tear” (stone chips, dents, road rash or accidents).
  • No warranty is provided if paint condition includes rust, rust bubbles, paint defects or clear coat failure.
  • No Warranty is provided if the graphic is being applied to stoneguard film or paint.


Graphic Removal

  • Removal of graphics prior to the end of the warranty period is guaranteed not to damage OEM-painted surfaces. If graphics are removed post-expiration of the warranty, there is no guarantee given for the surface condition after 5 years.
  • If surfaces are not covered with OEM paint, no warranty is provided.



Job Specifications

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