Postcards: EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

For as little as 16.5 cents a postcard, the USPS will mail your retail business advertisement to every door in a specified area you don't even need to have a mailing address!

With Every Door Direct Mail, there's no need to worry about postage permit costs, mailing lists and figuring out how to work with a business mail entry unit. Since EDDM is mailed through the Post Office, all you have to do is drop off your mailers at the Post Office and let them do the work for you, while you save money and avoid the hassle of traditional direct mail services. By eliminating the costs of maintaining a mailing permit and purchasing mailing lists, combined with a 66% savings on postage compared to First Class mail, EDDM will be an extremely powerful marketing tool for your business!


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EDDM® Mailing Requirements

Learn more about the types of materials that can be sent using EDDM®, how these pieces are addressed and what sort of details your print piece needs to include.

Specifications and Guidelines for Your EDDM® Mail Piece:

In order to qualify for the Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) program, the U.S. Post Office (USPS) requires that all EDDM® mail pieces comply with specific guidelines. Learn more about the types of materials that can be sent using EDDM®, how these pieces should be addressed, and what sort of details your print piece needs to include.


The EDDM® program requires you to mail Standard Mail commercial flats for simplified addressing. A Standard Mail commercial flat for simplified addressing is defined by the USPS as a rectangular mail piece with four square corners that:

  • Is at least 6.125 inches tall, longer than 11.5 inches wide, or more than .25 inch thick.
  • Is no more than 12 inches tall, 15 inches long, or .75 inches thick.

To qualify as a commercial flat, the mail piece must exceed only one of the dimensions, but not exceed any of the maximums. Otherwise, it is considered to be a parcel.

Mailing Label Options

Mailing labels must appear on the top half of the mail piece. The orientation of the label does not matter. The top half of the piece will always be the shortest end.

BMEU Options

Postal Customer, Residential Customer, PO Box Holder

Retail Option

Local Postal Customer

All EDDM® mail pieces must also feature a pre-printed mailing label that employs a simplified addressing format. If using a BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit), acceptable forms of this format are:

  • "Postal Customer" for business and residential deliveries
  • "Residential Customer" for residential-only deliveries
  • "PO Box Customer" for PO Box deliveries

Our services sends all EDDM mail pieces using the BMEU method. However if you choose to use EDDM® - Retail, all labels must use the "Local Postal Customer" format.


There are two types of indicias for EDDM®:






  • The EDDM®- BMEU indicia displays the permit number on the last line (when using our service, this postage permit number will be ours) and "PAID" appears on a separate line.
  • The EDDM®- Retail indicia has the words, "EDDM Retail" printed on the last line and "PAID" appears on a separate line.
  • All mail pieces should include "ECRWSS" in the address area. "ECRWSS" stands for "Enhanced Carrier Route Walking Sequence Saturation."

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